a visit to Almodovar del Rio will surprise, but also, by the situation that we have, we are within walking distance of many really interesting places.



ALMODÓVAR CASTLE to 350m of Al ‐ Mudawar

Arabic military fortress from the year 740, the Arabs built it taking advantage of an ancient building of primeval times.

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Embalse de la Breña

La Breña Dam

Located in the municipal term of Almodóvar del Río, in the final stretch of the river Guadiato, very close to the confluence with the river Guadiato, with their 823Hm3 is one of the largest in Andalusia.

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madinatMadinat Al Zahara

Resplendent city, is the city‐Palace built by Abderramán III Al‐Nasir, as a representation of power after converting Al‐Andalus in the Caliphate of Córdoba (912), independent of the domain of Baghdad.

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Few places in the world have a past as intense as Córdoba. City with a huge legacy cultural and monumental heritage of the different civilizations that have populated it.

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Natural Park Sierra de Hornachuelos

It houses one of the areas of Mediterranean forest and bank best preserved of the Sierra Morena. Stroll along its paths transports you to places full of charm

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